How do I apply a promo code to my Campus order?

You can use the Tide Cleaners Delivery to apply a coupon when placing a new order or save a promo code to your wallet for future use.

To apply a coupon when placing an order:

  1. Tap the coupon field before submitting your order, then enter your coupon code.
    coupon add with order.png
    coupon add with order 3.png
  2. Tap Apply to save the coupon.
    coupon add with order 2.png

To save a coupon to your account wallet for future use:

  1. Open the app and tap the Wallet icon in the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Enter your coupon code and tap apply to save the coupon to your wallet.
    wallet saved coupons.png


  Looking for a code?

Be sure to enable special offers notifications to receive information from our team about coupons and deals available in your area.

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