How do I view your price list?


Customers that use our Campus services can find plan pricing on the Tide Cleaners Campus website and a complete list of our dry cleaning prices inside the My Laundry app

To view our prices in the My Laundry app, navigate to Settings (⚙) > Service Location > Pricing.

What are the plan prices on my campus?

What are your Campus dry cleaning prices?


Customers that use our residential lockers and concierge delivery services can find a complete list of our prices inside the Tide Cleaners Lockers app

To view our prices in the Tide Cleaners Lockers app, navigate to Help > Pricing.

What are the prices for locker and concierge delivery services?


Prices vary by location, service, and item type. 

You can view a list of the prices available in your area by selecting Pricing on the home screen of the Tide Cleaners app.

Contact the team at your local Tide Cleaners store for additional pricing information.

Tide Cleaners Stores FAQ

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