Which Campus laundry plan is right for me?

Our 20-lb laundry plan is the most popular, including the perfect amount of laundry for most people. Although, the 10 or 30-lb plan could be right for you.

Here's a breakdown:

 10-lb Plan:

A great choice if the majority of your wardrobe is dry-clean-only. The 10-lb plan should cover your weekly linens, undergarments, t-shirts, etc.

20-lb Plan:

Our most recommended plan is the right fit for most students. On average, a single person has 15-20 lbs of laundry to clean weekly. This is about two medium-sized loads or one large-sized load of laundry each week.

 30-lb Plan:

An ideal option for athletes and other individuals who tend to have a surplus of laundry to clean each week. 

If you miss a whole week of laundry, you will have double your weekly laundry pounds available the next time you use the service. Laundry pounds only roll over after a whole week without any wash & fold orders. Unused pounds from orders do not roll over, and only one week's worth of laundry pounds can roll over between uses.

If you exceed your weekly laundry allowance, we will clean your extra laundry with an overage rate for every pound over the amount covered by your plan. Overage prices vary by market. Bags are weighed when dry and lightest.

Keep in mind that you can adjust your plan at any time, and we will always weigh your laundry when it is dry and at its lightest.

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