Tide Cleaners Stores - FAQ

How do I find a nearby Tide Cleaners location?
With nearly 200 stores, thousands of locker locations, and an always-growing number of universities participating in Tide Cleaners Campus, chances are there is a Tide Cleaners location nearby that is waiting to offer you convenient, best-in-class cleaning services.  Visit the Tide Cleaners website to find a location near you! 
What services are offered at my local Tide Cleaners store?

Your local Tide Cleaners store is proud to offer you a comprehensive list of fabric care services to suit your needs for all of your garments and many of your household items.

Services include: 

  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry (including Tide Back-to-Black®, Tide Colorguard®, Tide Restore®, and Tide Spotlift®)
  • Wash & Fold
  • Household Item & Bedding Cleaning 
  • Outerwear Cleaning
  • Special-Care Fabric Treatment (Leathers, Suede, Fur, Microfiber, Pleather, Silk, Polyester, Rayon, & Velvet)
  • Alterations & Repair
  • Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Contact your local Tide Cleaners store for information regarding the pricing, order pickup and delivery options, and specialty services available in your area.

Can I leave feedback for my local Tide Cleaners store?

We want to hear from you! Please complete our quick, 30-second survey to give us your feedback regarding service at your local Tide Cleaners store.

We love your feedback so much that we'll even give you free cleaning for a laundered business shirt with your next drop-off order! 👔 

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What are the prices at my local Tide Cleaners store?

Please reach out directly to your local Tide Cleaners store for more information regarding pricing. 

Find your store's contact information on the Tide Cleaners website.

When will my order be available for pickup from my Tide Cleaners store?

Garments dropped off by 9 am on business days are typically cleaned and ready for pick-up after 5 pm on the same business day.

Turnaround times may vary by location. Contact your local store for more information.

Can I drop off and pick up my laundry when my local Tide Cleaners store is closed?

You can drop your laundry off to us at any time by using a Tide Cleaners dropbox, kiosk, or locker. 

The Tide Cleaners drop boxes allow you to drop off your laundry 24 hours a day, while Tide Cleaners kiosks and lockers allow you to drop off and pick up your laundry after hours. Each Tide Cleaners kiosk and locker can be accessed day or night by entering a unique 4-digit code. 

Contact your local store to find the nearest drop box, kiosk, or locker near you. 



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