When will my dirty order be picked up?

Orders must be placed by 8 AM on service days to be scheduled for same-day pickup. 

While the cutoff time for same-day pickup is 8 AM, our team does not always pick up orders by 8 AM. Our pickup and delivery routes run throughout the day. The time of day when your orders are picked up may vary due to uncontrollable variables like changes in order volume, traffic flow, and weather conditions.

If you have scheduled an order pickup before the 8 AM cutoff time on a service day but find that your order has not been picked up by 8 AM, rest assured that your order is still scheduled to be picked up and returned to you on time. 

In the rare case that we cannot pick up your order on time, we will be sure to let you know as soon as possible. 

How do I cancel an order if I already placed my items inside a locker?

When can I expect my locker or concierge order to be returned?

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