How do I view the pickup information for my clean order?

You can always find your order pickup information in the My Laundry app.  After your order has been delivered to the lockers at your service location, you will see the locker number and access code displayed on an order card on the app home screen. 

The order card will be displayed on your home screen for 90 days after delivery or until you mark your order as picked up. After 90 days, you can find the pickup information by viewing your order history. 

To view your order history:


Tap the cog (⚙) in the top left corner of your home screen



Select Order History



Select the date associated with your order and then scroll down to find the order pickup information in your order summary 


  Ready to clear an order card from your app home screen?

Tap the I've picked up my order button at the bottom of the order summary screen to clear the associated order card from your home screen.

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