What is Tide Loads of Hope?


Throughout these uncertain times, we have looked to medical workers, police officers, and firefighters as beacons of courage and dedication as they continue to fight the spread of COVID-19. We, at Tide Cleaners, extend our utmost gratitude and admiration to all frontline responders for their service.

To provide a small relief to the daily struggle faced by those battling COVID-19 on the frontlines, the Tide family has launched the Tide Loads of Hope program, powered by Tide Cleaners. Through this program, medical workers, police officers, or firefighters battling COVID-19 throughout much of the US can submit their household's laundry to be cleaned free of charge. Please visit our Loads of Hope information page for a list of all participating Tide Cleaners locations.  

Please note that we are unable to process any clothing or personal protective equipment worn while directly offering treatment to COVID-19 patients. To ensure that we can provide this service to as many frontline responders as possible, additional exclusions to the Tide Loads of Hope program include items that are submitted for repair or alteration, leather items, wedding dresses, and select household items. 

If you are a frontline responder in the fight against COVID-19 and would like to take advantage of the Tide Loads of Hope program, please click here to opt into the program. Once you have opted in, your orders can be placed as usual through the Tide Cleaners app. Your laundry will be delivered back to your location according to the adjusted service schedule found by clicking here.

For any questions regarding the Tide Loads of Hope program, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

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