How do I begin a new Lockers service wash & fold subscription?

You can purchase a new wash & fold plan in the Tide Cleaners app.

To purchase a subscription in the app:

  1. Open the app and tap the Account icon in the bottom navigation bar. 
    Tide Cleaners Delivery app navbar with account selection
  2. Tap Buy a Subscription to view the pricing for plans on your campus. menu-subs.png
  3. Select the plan you would like to purchase, then scroll down to tap Continue to checkout.
  4. Review your subscription details, then tap Start subscription to complete your purchase and begin your wash & fold plan.

 Please note

Comforters and household items like rugs cannot be processed at the wash-and-fold rate. Please check out the pricing list in the Tide Cleaners app for the standard processing rates for these items.

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