How do I schedule a locker order pickup on campus?

Thanks for choosing Tide Cleaners Campus! We're so excited to begin offering you our services!

Please follow these steps when placing your first locker order:

1. Create your account by downloading the free My Laundry app on your iOS or Android device

2. Place your items in your reusable Tide Cleaners laundry bag.

3. Place your items in an empty locker. Please ensure the locker door is locked securely by entering a four-digit code of your choice and then turning the silver knob counterclockwise or pushing the Zephyr button on the handle for at least three seconds.

4. Open the app and tap the "New Order" button, then select "Returned On Hangers" for dry cleaning orders or "Returned Freshly Folded" for wash and fold orders.


5. Tap "Select Locker" and then enter the number of the locker that is holding your order before tapping "Done."

  Have you set your laundry preferences?

You may be unable to complete your first order if your account wash preferences have not been set.

What are the service locations on my campus?


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