I didn't receive my complete order


Once the below steps are followed, and you may still be missing an item, please reach out to us as soon as possible so we can have our loss and prevention specialist look into the matter. Be sure to check the front plastic pocket of your garment bag for any loose items such as ties and belts.

1. Check your email to see if you received an Inspection Notice from us. Be sure to check your spam inbox as well, in case our emails are being redirected there.

2. Check in-between all items that were delivered back to you. Sometimes pieces are sandwiched in-between one another and can be missed at first glance.

3. Confirm with your partner, roommate, or anyone that would have access to pick up orders on your behalf to see if they may have retrieved your items.

4. Check your closet and laundry hamper, just in case the item was left behind and was never given to us to clean.

Our standard procedures do not allow orders to leave our plant if the correct number of items is not in your bag for delivery. An exception to this is if one or more items required additional time to be processed. In these situations, you should receive an Inspection Notice informing you of the delay.

What happens if my items are lost?

Contact Us!

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