Which order type should I select?

Returned On Hangers Freshly Folded Laundered Shirts
If you select "Returned On Hangers" when placing your order, your laundry will be dry cleaned and pressed. Dry cleaning is our most widely used service. We recommend this service for any clothing that cannot withstand the aggregation of a washing machine and dryer and needs to be professionally cleaned, pressed to perfection, and returned on hangers.


 Commonly dry cleaned items are pants, suit jackets, dresses, blouses, and sweaters. 

Please Note

Comforters and household items like rugs cannot be processed at the wash and fold rate. Please be sure to check out the pricing list in the Tide Cleaners Lockers app for the standard processing rates for these items.

How do I add special instructions for my order through the app?

What are the prices for locker and concierge orders?