What happens if my order is left in a locker for an extended period of time?

We understand life happens, so we'll send you a pickup reminder just in case you forgot about your laundry or may have been out of town.

In the event that we need to remove your laundry to make room for new orders to be dropped off, we will reach out to make special arrangements to redeliver your order. Orders will never be removed from the lockers until two weeks after their delivery date.

After we have made several attempts at contacting you and have not heard back from you about the redelivery of your order, your items will be considered neglected and donated on your behalf. Any items at our facility longer than 45 days will be donated. 


If one of your orders has been pulled and returned to our plant, your account will automatically be put on hold. You will be unable to place new orders until you have arranged for the redelivery of your pulled order.

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