What is Wash & Fold?


We at Tide Cleaners believe in life, not laundry and that’s why we want to take this timely chore off your hands! 

  • Everyday items, such as undergarments, athletic wear, towels and bed sheets are separated by the shade of color, and anything unfit for Wash & Fold. Your order will be inspected for stains and any loose items as well.

  • Next, all items will be washed with the fitting washer cycle, and water temperature then dried on a temperature setting that meets our guidelines to prevent any damaging.

  • Here comes the good part! Your items will be nicely folded, including paired socks and returned to you fresh, ready to put away or wear.

Just in case you may be thinking about it! All customer's Wash & Fold orders are always kept separate from other customer's orders through the washing and drying process to prevent any mix-ups.

  Heads Up

Items unfit for Wash & Fold include garments that have care labels instructing to Dry Clean only or hang dry, contain any silk or leather materials and sweaters - these items will be unprocessed and return with your clean order.

Any loose items (i.e. coins, keys, etc.) found will be placed in a plastic bag and returned with your clean order.

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