Placing your first order


We want to thank you for choosing Tide Cleaners and welcome you to our family! Please follow the below steps to place your first order:

  1. Download the Tide Cleaners app through the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Next, place your items in a disposable bag. Please add a paper note with the name and phone number attached to your account.
  3. Go to the boxes located in your building or at one of our storefronts and place your items inside an open box. Please make sure the box door is closed and locked securely by entering any four-digit code in the keypad, then turning the silver knob counterclockwise or pushing the Zephyr button on the handle.
  4. Submit your order through our App by entering the box number you chose and selecting the appropriate order type. Be sure to include any special instructions before placing your order.
  5. Take care of more important things - we've got you covered from here! Our drivers will be onsite to retrieve your order for cleaning, and your items will be returned to you within two days, depending on your city of residence. You’ll receive a pickup notification via text message and email, once your order is delivered.

When to expect your order

Placing your first Wash & Fold order

  Heads Up

If you're using our concierge service, after step 2 you can drop your items off at the front desk of your building and submit your order through our app after selecting an order type and adding any special instructions. Placing your first order (Concierge)

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