What is the difference between the blue and orange Tide Cleaners reusable bags?

Aside from being Tide's colors for the past 75 years that we all have grown to know and love, the blue and orange play a significant role in making sure your clothing receives the proper care.

Blue Bag Orange Bag
The blue Tide Cleaners bag is ONLY for Dry Cleaning, laundered shirts, and repairs & alterations.


Common items that should go in this bag include button-down shirts, pants, suit jackets, dresses, blouses, and sweaters.

Our blue Tide Cleaners bags are environmentally friendly. We make use of oil refinery byproducts that have been recycled and transformed to create our lightweight yet durable bags. Not only are our bags eco-friendly, but they are also water-resistant, breathable, and washable.

To prevent a mix-up or improper cleaning of your items, please use both bags for their intended purposes. If you do not have the proper bag for the order type being selected, please place your items in any disposable bag, and we’ll be sure to return your order in the appropriate Tide Cleaners garment bag. 

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