Placing your first Wash & Fold order (Existing Customer)


1. When placing your first Wash & Fold order, put your everyday items in any disposable bag. Do not use your blue Tide Cleaners bag, which is meant for Dry Cleaning only.

2. Next, place your items in an available locker and submit your order through our app. Be sure to select Wash & Fold as the order type.

3. Your clean and folded clothing will be returned to you in an orange Tide Cleaners bag, that should be reused for all future Wash & Fold orders.

What is Wash & Fold?

If you are placing a Dry Cleaning order at the time of placing your first Wash & Fold order, please keep the orders separate by using two lockers (if available) and submitting two orders through our app. If two lockers are not available, please place both orders in one locker and reach out to us so we can make sure your items are handled appropriately.

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