How do I prepare my order for drop off?


We ask that you please remove any loose items from your orders. Loose items are challenging for us to track and are more likely to become damaged during the cleaning process. 

Before submitting your laundry to us, please remove:

  • Belts

  • Jewelry

  • Collar Stays

  • Watches

  • Cash

  • Credit cards

  • Detachable buttons

  • Cufflinks

  • Broaches

  • Stings

  • Laces

  • Hoods 

Any detachable items that are sent in with your orders and can be cleaned (e.g., coat hoods and buckle-less belts) will be added to your order as unique items to ensure that they are tracked and processed correctly.

Additionally, we ask that you remove your items from any hangers before submitting your order. It is improbable that our team will be able to track your hangers while your order is being processed. Typically, we will be unable to return any hangers to you that are received with your orders. 

If you would like to return wire hangers to us to be recycled, please place the hangers inside the front zipper pocket of your Tide Cleaners dry cleaning bag or give the hangers directly to any guest service representative when dropping off your order. Please do not place wire hangers inside the main compartment of your bag along with your clothing. Returning wire hangers in the main compartment of your bag increases the possibility of your items becoming damaged. 

  Heads Up

Please be sure always to use your bag when placing orders. If you do not have a Tide Cleaners bag and are dropping an order off to a Tide Cleaners locker, please be sure to submit your items inside a disposable bag. The bag should display the full name, phone number, and service location associated with your Tide Cleaners account. Your order will be delivered back to you in a new, reusable bag. 

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