How can I find out more about Campus service monthly subscriptions?

Wave goodbye to laundry day! Get time back every week and free yourself from sorting, washing, and folding with a wash & fold subscription. 

Check out the information below for a breakdown of our plans, and visit the Tide Cleaners website to view the prices for plans on your campus.

Our 80-lb monthly laundry plan is the most popular, including the perfect amount of laundry for most people. Although, the 40 or 120-lb monthly plans could be right for you.

Here's a breakdown

40-lb Monthly Plan:

A great choice if the majority of your wardrobe is dry-clean-only. The 40-lb plan should cover your weekly linens, undergarments, t-shirts, etc.

80-lb Monthly Plan:

Our most recommended plan is the right fit for most students. On average, a single person has 15-20 lbs of laundry to clean weekly. This is about two medium-sized loads or one large-sized load of laundry each week.

120-lb Monthly Plan:

An ideal option for athletes and other individuals who tend to have a surplus of laundry to clean each week.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my subscription start, and how will I be charged?
Subscriptions begin on the day of purchase and will renew every 30 days until canceled. Your default payment method will be charged each time your plan renews.
What about special items such as comforters and pillows? 
We are more than happy to process any special items! However, the plan does not cover those and will be charged per item. 
How do I place a dry cleaning order when I have a wash & fold subscription? 
You can place a dry cleaning order through the app, like a wash & fold order, when you have a subscription. Please make sure you choose 'Dry Clean' as the cleaning type when you are submitting your order in the app.
Is there a minimum order size?  
There is no minimum order size!
What happens if I go over the pounds in my plan? 
No worries! We will wash, dry, and fold your items as usual. The extra pounds will be charged per pound. You can check out the per-pound price for your specific service location through the app
What happens when I cancel my plan? 
If you cancel your plan, it will not renew, and you will not be charged. After cancellation, you can still use any available pounds until your subscription plan expires. 
What if I don't use all my allotted pounds? 
We encourage you to use all your subscription pounds because unused pounds do not roll over to the following month. If you find yourself not using your allotted pounds every month, it may be time to change your plan. You can always change your plan from your usage screen. 
Can I combine my subscription purchase with other discounts? 
Our subscriptions have discounts built-in! Subscription purchases will use any available cleaning credits on your account, and coupons in your coupon bank will not apply. Do not worry, though! Your coupons will wait in your coupon bank for a non-subscription purchase until they expire.
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