We are excited to announce that we launched a new and improved mobile app experience to help serve you better and care for your laundry needs! 

Please download our new app by clicking on the following link of your mobile device type -- iOS / Android

If you previously used the Tide Cleaners 'My Laundry App', here are some things you can expect: 

  • Your current app may be orange, while the new app will have a gold icon! Your login credentials will work the same with the new app.


  • We will now be calculating your current plan on a monthly basis - this means if you currently have a 20lb per week plan, this will be shown as an 80lb monthly plan.


  • You will not be charged for anything new! No incremental charges will be applied to your current plan.


  • If you currently have a fall semester plan, you will renew into a new 'Monthly Subscription' once the spring semester starts. You'll be notified of any renewal charges well in advance!
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